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What is instagem?
Instagem is collaboration hub for e-commerce vendors in fine jewelry and gemstone marketplace. It provides desktop cross platform software with the right tools and features for 360 video editing. It streamlines entire video 360 workflow starting from the moment the video of the product was captured to uploading to ecommerce cataloging system or sharing with other vendors
Why use instagem?
Online collaboration
The gemstone and jewelry industry has traditionally been 'late' to adopt new technologies. Difficulties in capturing high quality photo and video prevented most dealers from displaying their inventory properly online. Instagem strives to connect high quality colored stone dealers by utilizing the latest technology and hosting on the Amazon cloud network.
Save time and money
Your inventory is beautiful, now you can show it off! Anyone with basic computer experience can now create 360' HD in a few clicks of a button. Our software has been created from the ground up just for the colored stone industry. As an invited user to instagem, you will receive no cost training and free use of our online network to share your inventory with anyone you wish.
Syndicate your inventory to other Channels
Syndicate your inventory to other sales channels' 'Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping, Branded Online Sellers; instagem offers the ability to cross channel and reach a huge audience all through one system. Learn more about our advanced sales channel opportunities by contacting us today.
How it works?
Set up your Account
Simple and easy, in just 5 minutes you can create an account.
360 + 4K Capture Tools
Learn Capturing Options and our proprietary editing tools.
Market and Share:
Create personalized details about your listing and decide who and how you want to share it with others.
360º product photography examples
The 360 product photography examples below were created using XYZ 360 photography turntable captured by ABC digital camera. All 360 product photography examples below are in HTML5 format and play on all devices.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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